Sponsorship marquee tent

Sponsorship Marquees

Sponsorship Marquees

Easyshade Marquees were delighted to sponsor an Easyshade Marquee for the 3 Bay Challenge event which is  held every  December. Once again we are involved in 2017. Sponsorship marquees are a great way to support a worthwhile organisation. We can custom brand a gazebo showing sponsors details and logos

This epic race involves running and swimming 3 bays on the Eastern Suburbs and it is a lot of fun and open to all ages. The runs ans swims are not too strenuous and they take in some wonderful views along the way. The three bays are closed and protected and the swims are not too difficult and it is great day and a lot of fun.

Rhino Project worthwhile sponsorship

The 3 Bay Challenge team up to support the Australian Rhino project. At The Australian Rhino Project, our mission is to fly 80 African rhinos, 11,000 kms from South Africa to Australia, to ensure the survival of the species. They need your support before it’s too late. Rhino are continually hunted in Africa by highly organised poachers who are willing to risk their lives in order to obtain Rhino horn to sell illegally on the black market. Asia takes a lot of the horn and the on sellers make a lot of money from middlemen and the final purchaser. Corrupt Government officials are often bribed to allow this activity to take place.

Rhino protection units have been established in many areas where Rhino still survive. These armed rangers protect these areas as best they

Please enter this event next year as you will have a great time and please support the Australian Rhino project who are doing fantastic work. Easyshade Marquees are happy to be associated with this great charity and we will continue to support and sponsor them whenever needed.
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