heavy duty marquee

Heavy duty marquee with aluminium frame

Easyshade Marquees offer a choice of  heavy duty marquees  with aluminium frames weights. We have an exclusive range of heavy duty marquees that have been designed for outdoor use available in sizes 3mx3m, 4.5mx3m and 6mx3m. We only offer aluminium frames, not steel frames and our marquees come standard with a carry bag with wheels, ropes and pegs.

Hexagon shaped leg poles

The Easyshade frame difference is that we use hexagon shaped leg poles on all of our premium frames. What is a hexagon shape leg pole? The hexagon shape leg pole is 6 sided unlike the conventional square shape leg pole. Therefore the  hexagon shape legs generally offer better stability due to the shape of the leg pole.

Who needs a heavy duty aluminium frame?

Heavy duty frames are favoured by emergency service, police, SES, road construction crews, electrical cable layers and schools and sports clubs who want peace of mind that the marquee will be stable when used outdoors. Heavy duty frames will  not  be suitable for one person or schools or clubs with volunteers who are not able to transport and put up a heavy duty frame. Easyshade offer an alternative lighter frame weight for this reason. You can select the best frame weight for your needs. See plain aluminium frame sizes

Plain or printed heavy duty frames?

The choice is yours, you decide. We have available a selection of  plain coloured marquees with a choice of  different frame weights. Our printed marquees will be custom printed to your exact artwork requirements with express 7 day production. Please tell us what you require so that we can give you free advice.

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