printed marquees 6 x 3

Purchasing a new marquee

Purchasing a new marquee can be a little confusing because there are so many marquees available on the market.
Please read hints on ensuring that you get what you want.

  • Marquees also known as Gazebos, Tents, Pop Ups can  look the same but in fact can be very different.
  • Marquees frames are available in premium aluminium fabric or cheaper powder coated steel which can peel and rust.
  • Marquee frames will vary in weight and finish – the lighter frames should be selling at cheaper prices but unless
    you inquire abut the frame weight you may only find out once the marquee has been delivered.
  • Heavy weight marquee frames are often advertised – check the weight as many of these so called heavy weight frames are much lighter than
    genuine heavy weight marquees available.
  • What frame weights are available? Make sure that you can obtain a frame that you will find easy to use, transport and store afterwards.
  • Spares and warranty – make sure that spare parts are actually available with fast delivery.
  • Printed marquees – Once again be sure that you  are buying from a reputable dealer.
    Print inks and methods vary – low quality ink and fabric will give you a marquee with a short life span and which will easily fade.
  • Buying a printed marquee online from an overseas supplier – The prices may be really low and once again if it is prices are too good to be true
    there is a good reason for that. If you  purchase and receive a marquee from an overseas supplier and find that there is a product fault there is
    a slim chance that your will get any relief from the offshore supplier. Inferior printing becomes your problem and any spare parts for your frame
    may be difficult or expensive to obtain.
  • Artwork proof – ask to see a proof layout before signing off on your order
  • COMPARE PRODUCT AND PRICES – Shop around and make a list and then make a decision.
  • A website will show you a gallery of printed marquees and the mix of customers who have purchased. Take your time and check and compare.
  • Delivery times – make sure that your supplier can actually deliver quickly and on time.
    Many companies advertise Express delivery – make sure that they can deliver in the advertised time advertised.
  • Prices – make a list and compare.Be comfortable with your supplier, look for efficient,  personal service. Make sure that all your questions are answered
    no matter how trivial they may be.We hope that this information has been helpful.
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